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Updated Results of the COVID-19 in MS Global Data Sharing Initiative:
Anti-CD20 and Other Risk Factors Associated With COVID-19 Severity

Simpson-Yap S, Stahmann A, et al., 2022: Neurology: Neuroimmunology & Neuroinflammation, Vol. 9 Issue 6,
published online: 29 August 2022; doi: 10.1212/NXI.0000000000200021

Severity of COVID19 infection among patients with multiple sclerosis treated with interferon-β

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Comparison of employment among people with Multiple Sclerosis across Europe

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Trends in administrative prevalence of multiple sclerosis and utilization patterns of disease modifying drugs in Germany

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Communication, Coordination, and Security for People with Multiple Sclerosis (COCOS-MS): a randomised phase II clinical trial protocol

Golla H, Dillen K, Warnke C, et al., 2022: BMJ Open article first published: 25 January 2022; doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2021-049300

Therapy Switches in Fingolimod-Treated Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: Long-Term Experience from the German MS Registry

Frahm N, Fneish F, Ellenberger D, et al., 2022: Neurology and Therapy article published online: 12 January 2022; doi:10.1007/s40120-021-00320-w

How is and how should healthcare for people with multiple sclerosis in Germany be designed?–The rationale and protocol for the mixed-methods study Multiple Sclerosis–Patient-Oriented Care in Lower Saxony (MS-PoV)

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Treatment patterns in pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis in Germany—a nationwide claim-based analysis

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Associations of Disease-Modifying Therapies With COVID-19 Severity in Multiple Sclerosis

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Epilepsy as a predictor of disease progression in multiple sclerosis

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Characteristics of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: Disease activity and provision of care in Germany – a registry-based/multicentric cohort study

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Time to diagnosis in multiple sclerosis: Epidemiological data from the German Multiple Sclerosis Registry

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Prevalence of pediatric multiple sclerosis in Germany - a nationwide population-based analysis

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Chances and challenges of a long-term data repository in multiple sclerosis: 20th birthday of the German MS registry

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Effect of applying inclusion and exclusion criteria of phase III clinical trials to multiple sclerosis patients in routine clinical care

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Multiple Sclerosis Data Alliance – A global multi-stakeholder collaboration to scale-up real world data research

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Aggressive multiple sclerosis – a matter of measurement and timing

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Relapsing and progressive MS: the sex-specific perspective

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Is benign MS really benign? What a meaningful classification beyond the EDSS must take into consideration

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Management of MS patients treated with daclizumab - a case series of 267 patients

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COVID-19 in people with multiple sclerosis: A global data sharing initiative

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Explorative Study of Emerging Blood Biomarkers in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (EmBioProMS): Design of a Prospective Observational Multicentre Pilot Study

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Data harmonization for collaborative research among MS registries: A case study in employment

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Making EUReMS count for people with multiple sclerosis

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